Electrocorp AirRhino Air Cleaner, Air Scrubber, Air Purifier, Air Filtration System
For Mold Remediation, Construction, Renovation, Dust and Chemical Fumes, Odor Removal
Made in North America - We Ship Worldwide - 110V and 220V

Heavy Particle Filtration & On Site Industrial Chemical, Gas and Odor Adsorption

The Air Rhino is the most versatile and cost effective unit of its kind. Easily switch from heavy particle filtration to chemical, gas and odor adsorption right on site.

  • 1000 CFM- delivered, Dual Speed, Variable Speed
  • True HEPA Filtration for airborne particles, mold spores, etc.
  • Activated Carbon / Charcoal Gas Phase Adsorbents (100 pounds) for chemical fumes, toxic gases, odor
  • Mold, asbestos abatement, remediation in schools, hospitals, commercial building,
  • Hospital construction / renovation, renovation and construction in schools, disaster restoration, etc.
  • Negative air pressure , Positive air pressure applications- comes with one flange adapter for a 12 inch diameter flex hose. (hose not included)

About Us - EL AirRhino Series

The AirRhino Series, when it was first introduced in the early 2000, was called the AirWash 2000 or AW2000 for short. It was under the AllerAir label or brand.


The AirRhino Series eventually became part of the Electrocorp Industrial and Commercial line of air filtration systems (air scrubbers, air purifiers).


The AirRhino has been, and still is, a popular air filtration system, air scrubber, and air purifier used in mold remediation, construction, renovation, and others. A versatile air cleaning machine, it can be configured for Fine Dust, Coarse Dust, or Heavy Chemical Odor Removal.


Our mission at Produits D’ Air Espitech SENC (established in 1996 - 21 years ago) is to promote, market, and distribute products that enhance the health and well being of everyone who seeks to have a cleaner indoor air environment- we can help provide you with a clean air solution for the home, office, industrial, commercial, hospital, medical and other applications.


Contact us for help in choosing the right air filtration / clean air solution to for your needs – it will be our pleasure to assist you.


Established in 1985, Electrocorp offers one of the most comprehensive lines of industrial air cleaners and air filtration equipment. With advanced technical knowledge and the largest industrial air filtration catalog in the industry, Electrocorp provides effective, innovative and cost-efficient air quality management solutions to reduce your client’s liability and lower operating costs. Our specialized industrial air filtration systems use only proven technology to remove even the most complex chemicals, gases, odors and particles, ensuring that air quality exceeds environmental requirements.


Electrocorp industrial air filtration products are ideal for assessments that involve:


  • OSHA and Environmental Compliance
  • Air Quality Control
  • LEED Certification
  • Emission Control
  • Waste Management
  • Wastewater Treatment


Known for their powerful multistage filtration systems with deep beds of activated carbon, the largest chemical-adsorbent surfaces, custom carbon blends, advanced HEPA particle filters and UV technology, Electrocorp air cleaners can tackle virtually any indoor air quality concerns at the workplace.


The high-performance industrial air cleaners provide versatile and effective solutions for hundreds of airborne chemicals and odors, including disinfectants, diesel fumes, welding fumes, industrial wastes, medicinal odors, ozone, smoke and many more.


Electrocorp AirRhino Air Cleaners, Air Scrubbers, Air Purifiers, Air Filtration Systems
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Easily switch from heavy particle filtration to chemical, gas and odor filtration right on site